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About Access-Europe

Access-Europe is a Thailand-based independent European Affairs consultancy providing strategic advice and analysis on issues of European Union (EU) particularly Europeanmarket access and regulatory developments to business and government. The principal activities of Access-Europe are related to EU public policy developments, notably in the areas of market access, market research, regulatory audits and business consultancy services to assist business understand and benefit from the EU market.

Accessing Europe from Thailand

Access-Europe is familiar with EU policy issues and priorities, market access strategies, as well as legislative processes that are of importance for all business sectors. We combine this EU knowledge with a clear understanding of Thailand needs. This enables us to develop tailor-made strategies for our government and business clients, either in English or in Thai, so that their interests can be served optimally.

Accessing Thailand from Europe

Access-Europe, with its Thai and international team, has a profound knowledge on Thailand's legal and policy frameworks as well as networks that are of importance for all EU and European private sectors in understanding Thailand and accessing Thai market. This combination of Thai and EU expertise and the ability to inform, monitor, represent and defend European interests in Thailand gives Access-Europe real value-added for our EU and European clients.